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Book Marks: New releases on meditation, daring saints, and active spirituality

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Here are some interesting new book releases:

February 2013:
Growing in Love and Wisdom: Tibetan Buddhist Sources for Christian Meditation

By Susan J. Stabile

The importance of interreligious dialogue is stressed in Susan Stabile’s book Growing in Love and Wisdom (Oxford University Press, 2012). Serving as a Tibetan Buddhist nun for 20 years, Stabile, who was raised Catholic and who eventually returned to Catholicism, shows how different faiths operate with similar spiritual dynamics. Through 15 Tibetan Buddhist contemplative practices that have been adapted for Christian use, Stabile offers spiritual direction that closely parallels the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha.

Everyday Divine: A Catholic Guide to Active Spirituality

By Mary DeTurris Poust

Life is busy. How do we find time to pray and become spiritually-centered in the bustle of our daily lives? Author Mary DeTurris Poust provides an answer to this in her book, Everyday Divine: A Catholic Guide to Active Spirituality (Alpha Books, 2012). Combining traditional and modern thought, Poust offers suggestions, exercises, personal stories, prayers, and wisdom of holy men and women to help make time in finding spiritual calm.

Radiate: More Stories of Daring Teen Saints

By Colleen Swaim

Colleen Swaim’s book helps a young adults, and those young at heart, to radiate Christ’s love through the example of teenage saints from around the world. This inspiring book, Radiate: More Stories of Daring Teen Saints (Liguori, 2012), shows their heroism as it shines in the midst of challenges during their lives. Written in easily relatable language for a younger audience, Swaim offers stories, images, inspirational quotes, scripture verses and much more to fan the fire of faith burn in young readers. This book accompanies Ablaze: Stories of Daring Teen Saints (Liguori, 2011).

Simple Guides to the Gospels  series

By Paul J. McCarren, S.J.

With many years of background in ministry, Jesuit author Paul McCarren has simplified each gospel for readers to understand the important messages that often go unnoticed. In this series of four books entitled Simple Guides to the Gospels (Rowman & Littlefield, 2012), McCarren provides commentary to each gospel writer’s style, how each is engaged in the reader’s life today, and how the sections in each gospel relate to each other.

The Church Building as a Sacred Place: Beauty, Transcendence and the Eternal 

By Duncan G. Stroik

Using his architectural background and career, author Duncan G. Stroik provides readers with a collection of 23 essays regarding the architectural development of the Catholic Church in his book The Church Building as a Sacred Place (Liturgy Training Publications, 2012). Covering the principles of church design, the various time periods of architecture, and a critique of modern iconoclasm, Stroik helps his readers to understand the Church’s architectural traditions through the essays and over 170 photographs.


Illustration by Angela Cox