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A Look Back at the Second Vatican Council

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The opening procession of the Second Vatican Council. Art by Franklin McMahon.

Good council
U.S. Catholic readers on the chuch over the last 50 years

Vatican 2.0
A look ahead to the next 50 years

The World of Vatican II
The art of Franklin McMahon (slideshow)

Over the hill?
Vatican ll at 50

Eye-witness report
Eight Americans tell what they saw at the council

Signs of the Times
A timeline of Vatican II

Major Documents of Vatican ll

General principles of Vatican II

Female and Catholic: Please don't bring me flowers anymore
An interview with Sister Mary Luke Tobin, S.L., the only American woman who was an official observer at Vatican ll

The church after the council
Karl Rahner, one of the most important theologians of the 20th century, on making the council's reforms and renewal more than a promise.

Have the church's teachings been fully recieved?

Vatican ll, Schmatican ll
A young woman writes about why she thinks it's time for a new agenda

Image: Franklin McMahon (Courtesy of the McMahon family)