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Submitted by Jennifer Knight (not verified) on

Regarding the trend toward a "preference" of Latin v. English, I wonder - in an accident, an impending death, or a family tragedy, when one gets down on one's knees to beseech God's immediate consolation, does one pray one's most intense prayers of longing in English (or one's vernacular), or in Latin? The Mass should be prayed with that same intensity, and in that same language.

Submitted by Jennifer Rook (not verified) on

Likewise, when one needs God's immediate consolation, do they do a liturgical dance, or clap their hands, or put on a clown wig, or play Haugen? When you need God's help, do you view that moment as a celebration, or do you beseech our Lord with humility and reverence?

THAT is how the Mass should be prayed.

Submitted by Eminem Recovery... (not verified) on

Yes, in a tragedy, we would cry out to God in our own language.  Then again, I personally have prayed the Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and Gloria Patri in Latin with that same kind of intensity!

But, some people seem to think there is a conflict between Vatican II & Latin.  But Vatican Council II specifically ordered that Latin is to be retained in the Latin Rite!  Paul VI, the pope of Vatican II, issued Jubilate Deo (please read that document!!) **after** Vatican II.

The idea that Mass should ONLY & ENTIRELY be in the vernacular was CONDEMNED by the Council of Trent once & for all.  Vatican II authorized SOME use of vernacular in the Liturgy.  LATIN should NEVER have been abandoned entirely, PER VII and THE POST-VII POPES!

So maybe there could be a debate between those who'd prefer the Mass "all in Latin" vs. those who'd prefer "the Mass partly in Latin with some parts in the vernacular." 

But the idea of NO LATIN in the Liturgy is COMPLETELY WRONG, no matter what, and INCOMPATIBLE even with the teachings of VATICAN II.   We are Catholics of the ROMAN RITE - aka LATIN rite- and our language is LATIN throughout the world.  What we've seen happen in our churches for decades is FAR from authentic Roman Liturgy- instead, it's abuse after abuse.   We need to rebuild and restore now!

Submitted by roy van brunt (not verified) on

Beloved Eminem Recovery - No one of good faith would dispute that The Second Vatican Council stipulated ("ordered" is a bit strong) that Latin should be retained IN THE LATIN RITE. And if the church that finds its personal praying in a dead language to be an experience filled with reverence and awe, then God and the Holy Spirit bless you all. We simply ask that you do not impose that need or urgency, across the board, on the part of the church - the people - remember? - who do not. Believe it or not, some of us find reverence and awe in prayer that we understand and will not laugh out loud at. And there are lots of us. And we do and will grimace at the pathetic attempt to legislate "reverence and awe" through the use of strained idiom and ridiculous artistry of words like the "Spirit coming like the dewfall." What will that term mean to an appreciable part of the world's people that have no experience with dewfall? Just because the dew falls in Rome?

One has difficulty analogizing the Latin-loving, rubric-filled traditionalists of today to the first disciples who easily recognized the need to flex the "rules" for early Christian communities in order specifically to accommodate a variety of cultures and needs into a universal church. Indeed, one size did not fit all people in the first century, and it will not in the 21st century either. Use your translation. Bless your translation. But do not impose ONLY your translation on everyone else.

Submitted by Adrian Yañez (not verified) on

Jennifer, I suspect you haven't read Vatican II. It says that "pride of place is to be given to Latin in the Liturgy".

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

What is the use of these polls? We don't have a vote and nothing any of us say matters. The men who run the Church will make all the decisions as they always have. Our opinions are meaningless. Pretending they aren't is an exercise in frustration and fantasy.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Just like these forums. They're nothing more than a way to generate hits for Catholic magazines that want to show they're hip and with it in the digital age. They're even more of a waste of time than other forums because they have no impact at all on decision makers. Except for a cheap way to get your ego on the internet they're pointless. No one persuades anyone least of all the men who run the Church. I doubt any of them read this and if they did they would just shake their heads at the foolishness of their child-like flock. Nothing that is said here or anywhere will ever make any difference to them. Any changes they make that are welcomed by conservatives are not because of their input but because the hierarchy are themselves conservative. Trads are only under the illusion that what they say matters any more than what anyone else does. The leaders of the Church will not be swayed by any of us. "In conversation with American Catholics" is nothing more than lay Catholics and a few priests arguing stuff they have no power at all to change. Pretending it's anything else is delusional.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

If 57% want straight Latin and 29% want a strict literal translation then why do some say this site is too touchy feely? Seems like a pretty conservative bunch to me.

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