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Submitted by Dave N. (not verified) on

Whether it be the upcoming ICEL translation (pretty incompetent) or old ICEL (horrible) the bishops have completely and absolutely convinced me that they cannot oversee a meaningful translation of the text into English.

Let's just give up--it would be easier and more beneficial in the long run if people learn Latin.

Submitted by Joe;Two Hundred... (not verified) on

Your bias is on display! The Bishop also displays his bias as well. At least Latin is much more difficult to subvert. If you go to a new country and want to live there, a reasonable person will blend in best by trying to learn the "vernacular". Seems Latin should be the vernacular of the Latin Rite Catholic Church. Follow the money: NAB makes money for the Bishops. Last: Please convey to Bishop Trautman that most people really do not want banal in liturgy. Teaching office, what teaching office?

Submitted by Emil Berbakov (not verified) on

"If Vatican II is to be considered the last word, then every word of it should be implemented - not just the portions of it that people find appealing."

Amen! BTW if anyone thinks that the average Catholic is "actively participating" in the current NO liturgy with the current translation, I think they are sadly mistaken.

Submitted by Rushad (not verified) on

Sacred Language IS pastoral language. We need to return the Mass of the LATIN Rite of the Church back to LATIN.

Submitted by PAUL of T (not verified) on

Oops! So, the Early Church wrote Scripture, Prayed and Celebrated Eucharist in Koine Greek. Let's go real native ... anybody got an American to Aramaic dictionary handy? Hey, there's no 'Jesus' in here; but there is a 'Joshua' and means YHWH saves?. Huh? Oh, it's just names and words.

Submitted by Rushad (not verified) on

So we should continue to tolerate Eucharistic sacrifice with the solemnity of a Sesame Street episode? It's an insult to my intelligence and my manhood for me to be subjected to the theatrical, banal, and sacrilegious rot we call the Novus Ordo Missae as it is normally celebrated in 99.9% of parishes. We need to abrogate the Missal of Paul VI and go back to the pre-Vatican II Missal of Blessed John XXIII. Good news is that the Traditionalists are the only ones having babies, so once the liberals contracept themselves out of existence we'll take the Church over again and undo the rot that has infected her since Vatican II's liturgical DEFORMS.

Submitted by Anders (not verified) on

Just as there is an Eastern Church, there is a Latin, or Western, Church. As Catholics of the Roman Rite, we are Latin Catholics... Doesn't that mean anything? Just saying...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

How about what Vatican II called for, Expanded use of the vernacular, a decent translation, not the ICEL stuff and Latin for the Ordinary for Mass. That is what the Bishops were supposed to oversee and should be one of the choices. Your article presents it as all vernacular or all Latin..That is not what was called for..Your poll leaves anyone who wishes to follow Vat II directives to choose Latin as the other choices abandon it. That was never forseen or recommended.