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Submitted by The_Truth (not verified) on

"The sexual abuse problem flared up with the destruction of the Liturgy."

In the nicest way possible, that makes no sense whatsoever. The problem is caused by people with serious mental illnesses (as defined by the DSM) that would be molesting kids whether the liturgy was translated 100% literal or paraphrased or Latin/English/Arabic or if they read Green Eggs & Ham instead.

The abuse problem is happening because the leadership of the CC has been HIDING and PROTECTING these mentally ill priests at the expense of their own flock's children.

People need to understand WHY this is happening so that they can help to stop it.

These molesters choose places where children abound to seek employment. It's amazing how Disney doesn't have countless kids being raped, but the moral CC does. It is because one recognizes reality & takes proper measures while the other lives in their own fantasy world where if they close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears & shout "LaLaLa" at the top of their lungs, the problems will just magically disappear.

"The election of Benedict..."

Benedict has been a laughing stock. If he wants to solve the problem, make the names of the criminals public & kick them out. That is the logical first step and he couldn't do that before he was Pope in charge of the CDF nor does he choose to do it now.

Catholics should be angry about B16's actions, yet instead the majority sing his praises because the song they are singing is also "LaLaLa."

Submitted by Qualis Rex (not verified) on

No, what's amazing is that you would equate the liturgy with child-abuse. There is no "debate" on abuse in the church. Anyone who would advocate child-abuse is beyond redemption. Therefore, since there is no question on this, it's not surprising not too many people chimed in to say, "Yes! I agree! Abuse is wrong!" Yet the particular topic of this thread merits an opinion one way or another, hence the high-level of responses. Do you understand now?

Submitted by The_Truth (not verified) on

"No, what's amazing is that you would equate the liturgy with child-abuse"

I merely pointed out where the flock chose to flock to.

"There is no "debate" on abuse in the church."

There is equally no debate (to the unbiased) that the Church's actions to REALLY try and stop it have been basically non-existent with the exception of tiny trivial steps that they attempt to spin to the world as an Amstrongian giant leap for Catholic kind.

"since there is no question on this, it's not surprising not too many people chimed in to say, "Yes! I agree! Abuse is wrong!"

And your reasoning is why people choose not to say it to their Bishops nor to the Vatican as well. Because people don't speak up and take ACTION, nothing is happening. The faithful are ENABLING the Vatican to continue to get away with this just like someone continuing to give an alcoholic money to support their problem. For example, if the good parishioners & priests went on "strike" (so to speak), then the Vatican's hand would be forced to make immediate REAL changes.

Moreover, the debate isn't about whether abuse is wrong, but rather it is about why the Vatican's response has been hopelessly inadequate for years relating to this issue and what can be DONE to force them to act so that more children are not raped. This idly standing by on the sidelines by the flock (hoping/assuming that someone else will deal with it) is part of the problem, not the cure.


Submitted by Ceile De (not verified) on

Are you serious? The US Catholic set the question. We answered the question asked. Is somehow a vote for one option over others a vote for child abuse? 

Submitted by The_Truth (not verified) on

"Are you serious?"

Yes, I am serious. Go look at the numbers for yourself.

"The US Catholic set the question. We answered the question asked."

Exactly. US Catholic also posted entry after entry after entry about child molestation... yet those didn't get nearly the same level of response as this did.

"Is somehow a vote for one option over others a vote for child abuse?"

You are missing the point. It was a random sampling that mirrors what happens in the real world where the vast majority of good-intentioned Catholics don't do anything truly PROACTIVE to force the Church to stop covering up and enabling children getting raped, but if their Church is thinking about switching linguistic text, then people can be overwhelmingly proactive about it. People have their priorities completely backwards.

It is akin to a humorous scene in Airplane II where people are facing imminent death because they are headed into the sun & the passengers look worried but are calm, but when they are informed that they are also out of coffee, the whole plane erupts into a complete panic.

"Christianity requires honesty - something missing from your anaylsis."

If you are honest with yourselves, you'll realize what I am saying is true. If everyone put forth the same amount of zeal toward forcing the end of child abuse in the real world as they do on topics like these, they could make a major impact on both the Church and in the lives of future children.


Submitted by Giovanni (not verified) on

While child molestation by priests is a problem and one that we must solve decisively it is rare despite of what the media may tell you.

Less than 2 percent of priests have been accused of this type of behavior and that is well below the numbers for secular society. The number of lives these priests ruined can be counted in the thousands.

In the other hand the destruction of the Roman Liturgy has caused Millions of souls and to be lost and that is practiced by more than 90% of Roman Catholic priests.

Not only that but of course there is the fact that it this modernist lavender priesthood that is the main perpetrator of such crimes against children.

Submitted by The_Truth (not verified) on

Giovanni, you are doing just as I had said people do. You are attempting to "rationalize" that the problem isn't as bad as what it really is instead of taking action.

Once again, how many kids are molested at the various Disney parks around the world? Are 2% of their employees raping children? How many of their employees are raping hundreds of kids and then when the CEO finds out, they keep them employed and send them to another Disney park elsewhere?

ONE child being raped is one child too many in my book.

Then you say that for all intents and purposes that the Roman Liturgy has caused more damage because of "the numbers." WOW. Go tell that to a child that's been raped.

Then you talk about the "lavender priests" despite the fact that sexual orientation does not have a correlation to someone being a sexual predator. Homosexuality has been deemed "normal" by the medical community for 35+ years while child predators have not.

I hope everyone can see what has transpired here. I stood up for children and yet apparently I am the one way off base. I get 5 people (one deleted) against me and yet no one to stand by my side. Everyone needs to stop living in delusion and wake up to help those that need it the most. I hope people enjoy your liturgy while knowing that you got what you wanted, but the child being abused didn't. What a sad commentary indeed.

No more need for anyone to respond as the point has clearly been made.

Peace to all.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Me thinks thou dost protest too much.
God bless you and Mary Keep

Submitted by FedUp (not verified) on

... circular argument. News Flash: Latin is DOD ... D-E-A-D!
Dump it! This issue was settled almost half a century ago!

Let us speak and read and celebrate in our own modern languages! Enough already. ACK! What a stupid poll and a waste of time and energy! Really!

No, wait ... I'll do you reactionaries one better ... then Greek, not Latin is the true and most authentic voice of the Apostolic Christian Churches of the Roman Empire and from which all our most basic scriptures, prayers and creeds are derived! So, if you all insist on going back to the true and sacred sources -- then it must be Greek. Good. I'm all for it! Call me back in 50 yrs after the translations and revisions are completed ... until then ... could this topic just die just like Latin. God Help Us All!

Submitted by JBosco (not verified) on

The majority of the Bible and early Church documents are in Arameic, Hebrew, Latin and Ancient Greek.

I think you'd find the majority of the Liturgy would then become Armenian or Hebrew, which is fantastic and I'm sure everyone who wants Latin would welcome that!

Incidentally, you won't have to wait 50 years for the translations (like we have for the new ICEL translation due to start in use in Advent next year), everything is already written in those languages - there is no "retranslation needed" so the time you'd need to wait is as long as it would take the publishers to get the books printed. About three months I'd guess.

What a wonderful idea you have - lets have another lame-duck ICEL style poll!