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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I am so grateful for the visit. I have worked with so many adults who grew up in Catholic schools in the 60's and 70's and truly have no idea what the Church teaches. They have stories about banners, guitars, and goofy prayer services. They are genuinely convinced they know everything about the faith and are sincerely stunned to learn their faith in more detail. I have attended conferences led by Sisters who have had us do yoga, enneagrams, and Native American smoke ceremonies. I have attended Scripture Studies by Sisters who use the class to promote women's ordination and reproductive "rights." Enough is enough.

Submitted by Doinald A. Dohr (not verified) on

Confer Jesus' words at John 13:35, and recall the observable trait of early Christians ..."see how they love one another."

Submitted by GA Catholic (not verified) on

To suppress the truth is not charity.
Admonishing the sinner and instructing the ignorant are spiritual works of mercy.

Submitted by John David (not verified) on

This is something that can be so easily abused. Before one is in a position to do the spiritual work of mercy of admonishing the sinner, they often have much to do concerning their own lives. My observation has been that often these admonishments come from those who are unwilling to do the other spiritual works of mercy, not to mention the charitable works of mercy.

Submitted by Fr. Bernard Smith (not verified) on

I am proud that Pope Benedict is bringing about an end to the heresies that were rampant in our church for nearly 40 years. It is time to live out the Council as was intended by the Council fathers, not by those who took the Council to be an opportunity to dissent and push for whatever they wanted.

Submitted by Beth Winkel (not verified) on

After seeing the results of this survey & the comments, I am disheartened as my experience of Religious Sisters and communities is very positive. I speak maninly of the Domincans of Sinsinawa. They were my teachers in grade school & college. I have also worked with Sisters of other communities.
This "study" is seeking answers to questions that pretain to Religious Orders of men as well as women. (Fewer convents are available for women to live in; the need for qualified people to work in all areas, not only schools & hospitals; fewer numbers entering; methods and what is being taught to name a few areas being "investigated")
The male Curia seems to be,once again, "picking on" the women that help do the work of the Lord.
Their is hope if women Relgious look at the example of Jesus and what happened to Him.

Submitted by John Guldan M. ... (not verified) on

In reading the comments made on the Vatican's investigation of women's reliigious orders, I am appalled at all the appeals made to the "hierarchical" model of the Church.

Whatever happened the Church as "Servant," "Herald of the Gospel,"
and "the People of God?" Are we still in the Middle Ages that, as a last resort, we need to get our orders "from the top down?"

As a layman, my Baptism makes me a vital part of "the royal priesthood of Christ, a chosen people, a holy nation, God's very own possession."
(1 Peter2:9) Period! No excuses! No explanations to anybody necessary! So why don't we start conducting ourselves accordingly instead of sniping and back-biting at each other?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

The "Priesthood of All Believers" to which you allude is a Protestant notion that was condemned by the Council of Trent. That condemnation, by an Ecumenical Council, is de fide and may not be overruled or ignored by any Catholic. I would say that your religious education has few gaps.

Would you mind giving "chapter and verse" of the Council of Trent that condemns the baptismal priesthood (or the "priesthood of all believers")? The Catholic Church does indeed believe in such a thing. Popes Pius XI and XII wrote about it explicitly in their encyclicals Miserentissimus Redemptor and Mediator Dei.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

The Lord doesn't like heretical nuns.

Be gone with them!