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I agree Bryan, with everything you said.

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Last I heard, lots and lots of sisters worked, and are asked to earn enough to support one and half people, so they can care for non-working sisters (those who are studying, ill or infirm).

Actually religious giving is the one area of giving that has increased during the recession. Collections may be dropping in some places, but that is largely the economy. Don't blame sisters.

Submitted by AntiReformCat@y... (not verified) on

There are good nuns, and there are bad nuns, Rome's concern is that there has become too many bad ones, and from what I've heard and read, perhaps there has. Becoming a Nun or lay person means committing your life to the church and her teachings along with "theroretically" marrying Christ, Do Nuns not dress in a white gown and take a ring during their vows???? How can we have openly pro-choice nuns? how is this allowed? this is a clear violation of church teaching,, I'd say drop them, I don't care how many poor they've helped or hungary they've fed, by making concessions to innappropriate behavior, your opening the door to more bad behavior, what's next? Where do you draw the line? We'll she deals crack but she teaches kids 5 days a week???is that next? To the good nuns out there, thank you, god bless you, to the bad Femi-Nazi Reformist sinning Marxist Activist Nuns with their own adjenda, GET OFF MY TITHE AND PRAY FOR YOUR FORGIVENESS And to the Bishops and Cardinals that have allowed this to happen, keeping telling yourselves weekly offerings are down only because the economy is down, keep lying to yourselves, offerings are down because good REAL catholics like me and others have realized our offerings are mid-directed to too many corrupt groups. Pro Life Across America gets my money, I KNOW WHERE IT GOES!!!

Submitted by DonBosco (not verified) on

If you worked for AT&T then you'd expect a visit from a member of the company hierarchy to your head office in town/state every so often wouldn't you?

There are lots of convents and nuns out there doing things they shouldn't - they are the ones whinging, because they are AFRAID that they are now going to be brought back into touch. There must be regulation.

A good Church is a pure Church.

Submitted by Fordham (not verified) on

If only!
The pure Church is purely eschatological - in a situation where the Roman Curia and John Paul II hid the doings of Maciel because of the money his congregation contributed, and hid the abuse and philanderings of so many priests and bishops, where is this pure Church?

Submitted by Faylei (not verified) on

We are a church of sinners. The concept of a "pure church" relates to a 4th-century heresy called Donatism.

Submitted by Sister Zelda (not verified) on

Reading the hundred some comments before mine is an eye opener. I have no doubt that the apostolic religious women, who have grown together through these post-Vatican years, will draw grace and blessing through this visitation. With a century of communal response to God's life giving call, they will find the spiritual depth necessary to make this experience life enriching. Were I to have a dream, it would be that all the data turned over to Mother Mary Clare would also be turned over to an independent auditor for a "second opinion." Surely there are foundations and scholars a plenty up to the task of giving this "second opinion." Before major surgery a "second opinion" is often sought. Before the secret report is written, and the Vatican decrees prepared, such a "second opinion" would assist the communities being investigated with a deeper understanding of their own realities as they read the "official first opinion."

Submitted by GA Catholic (not verified) on

You are ignoring the fact that, in the case of a medical diagnosis, one presumes that each doctor offering an opinion is equally qualified to do so.

However, in the case of an apostolic visitation, only one party -- the Holy See -- is uniquely qualified to offer an opinion. No other party has authority equal to that of the Holy See, whose authority, of course, comes from God Himself.

If these congregations of women's religious have the slightest desire to avoid extinction, they must embrace the Catholic Faith in all its fullness -- accepting its supernatural character and divine revelation with the same fervor that they accept its social doctrine.

Today's women religious who would be recognizable as such to a 19th century Catholic have no lack of vocations.

Submitted by Jimmy Mac (not verified) on

The Holy See DOES NOT get its authority from God. The Holy See is a temporal organization that governs the functioning of the Roman Catholic Church.

If that church does get any authority from God, then the authority vests in The Church, i.e., the people of God, not an organizational structure.

Try as you may, you cannot conflate one with the other.

Submitted by GA Catholic (not verified) on

Your opinions are not Catholic teaching. The Catholic Church possesses a divinely instituted hierarchical organization. Jesus Christ gave authority to bind and loose to the apostles and their successors, the bishops of the Catholic Church, not to the laity en masse.

I refer you first to CCC 763-766 on the divine origin of the Church, and second to CCC 874-896 on the hierarchical nature of the Church.

See also Council of Trent, Session 23, Chapter 4 and the Canons of that chapter on the divinely instituted hierarchy of the Church.