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Submitted by Loyally Dissent... (not verified) on

Are you seriously wishing death on people?

You think it is ok to stack a poll with more votes than is fair? One person, one vote!

Rome doesn't have the right to this visitation. Who visited them when they covered up abuse?

Submitted by GA Catholic (not verified) on

JA is just stating the facts - these orders are, most literally, dying out. Their average age is mid-70s and they have no vocations.

Rome has a right to investigate any branch, twig, or leaf of the Catholic Church because Rome is authority in the Catholic Church.

Submitted by JK (not verified) on

While I disagree with you in all the areas where you dissent from Church teaching, I agree with you about this issue of voting. And I have commented several times on WDTPRS to say so.

I am not opposed to reform and renewal. I am for accepting the authority of the Magisterium. I am for obeying and agreeing with Church teaching. I gladly accept all the reform and renewal that comes through this.

From comments you have made here, I can see that you do not accept this authority and also that often you do not understand what the Church actually teaches. I encourage you to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the documents of the Second Vatican Council and other encyclicals. I especially recommend the encyclicals of our current Holy Father, Pope Benedict.

Obedience is not mindless, or at least not necessarily so. Ideally, it requires study, prayer and thought. Personally, I found post-graduate theology courses helpful and ended up taking enough of these to get a Masters degree. Perhaps this convinces you that my acceptance of the Church's teaching authority does not come from ignorance or naivety. It comes from my desire to grow closer to God. And my lived experience is that this is indeed the fruit of assent and obedience to Church teaching.

Submitted by Et Sanabitur An... (not verified) on

We have a nun in our parish who does her ministry about 2-3 hours a day four and sometimes five days a week, does not attend daily Mass, does not pray the breviary, demonstrates no evidence of a prayer life, never genuflects or bows in the presence of Jesus in the tabernacle, attends Sunday Mass at a Catholic hospital because that Mass is shorter than most, openly campaigns for pro-abort candidates, takes ten to twelve weeks of vacation a year, and has never been in want of anything. And yet, I have never met anyone so bitter and so convinced that she is being exploited by the Church.

Clearly, more than a visitation is in order.

Submitted by QC (not verified) on

Unfortunately what some were led to believe was reform and renewal has only been deform and decay. There are signs of authentic renewal and growth among faithful orders and houses, praise God! One great woman religious who knew true reform and renewal, St. Catherine of Siena, noted that sometimes Our Lord must prune away the dead branches so the healthy shoots may grow and flourish. I hope this visitation will be an opportunity for similar new life to be injected into those dying branches so they do not end up as the cut off dead branches, but rather may flourish with those who embrace the Catholic faith and identity.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I just came across this and voted since it was open and then I was amazed at the numbers. I thought Catholics in America were all liberals.

For my part I think that if nuns want to be able to claim that they work for the Catholic Church then they should welcome a visit. If they don't want to be visited then they shouldn't claim to work for the Catholic Church. I'm no expert but isn't being in communion with the Catholic Church to be at peace with it and its leaders.

If the nuns don't want to be visited then they can always join the abortion loving, Windows using protestants.

Submitted by elm (not verified) on

Last fall before the national election three of us sat in the back row in a gathering room at one of the local convents and listened to Catholics Alliance for the Common Good rant about how good life will be with the O in office. All but two of the good sisters were dressed in plaid shirts. They were all cheering about the coming election and how the social justice platform would make this world a better place. When asked if O's being pro-abort filtered into their world view, they just spouted the company line, rarer, fewer, safer.

Lord have mercy on us, and on those who purport to represent you in the world.

Yeah, I think we need a visit.

By contrast, a few weeks later, we visited a convent in same area. The agenda was prayer, dinner and a speaker. All the nuns were in habits and the speaker that evening was about the harm of contraception and what the Church teaches pertaining to it's use. It was well attended by young families eager to hear the truth.

Submitted by pablo (not verified) on

There are good nuns, and there are bad nuns, the concern of Rome is there has become far too many bad nuns. Becoming a nun means marrying to Christ, following the teachings, yet I've heard (thank goodness not yet witnessed) that there are pro-choice nuns, they have abandoned their faith at this point, I don't care what anyone says, you take a vow, you stick to it, and that means defending the church and her teachings, if you can't do it anymore than leave, simple as that, I don't care how many poor you help or hungary you feed, you abide by the vow's you swore to, if you are incapable of such vows, THEN GET OFF MY TITHE. I'm sick and tired of the sinning extreme social liberalism taking over the church, and you wonder why Sunday offerings were dropping before the economy took a hit, because nobody wants their money going to these sinful programs until they're cleaned up, the church can survive without nuns, they won't survive without the church, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, backbone,,whatever! and for you hippies that keep talking about pushing for reform in the church, we had that it's called Vatican II, now stop treading on ME!

The sisters don't get any of your tithe. They are on their own, despite the decades of unpayed labor they provided Cathoics. Have you ever attended a Catholic school? Did your parents or children? Been treated at a Catholic hospital? You can thank the Sisters whose selfless ministry you have so blithely dismissed.

Bryan Cones