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As a young Catholic, I disagree. I want to work to push more reforms, as do many other young Catholics I know personally! I mean ALL young Catholics, not those active (I'd say we are about 50/50 split!)

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I think that some of the heretical answers on here show that dissent has reached epidemic proportions both amongst the laity and the religious communities in this country. So glad to see the Inquisition has begun! Viva Papa!

St. Michael the Archangel defend us in this day of battle!

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A visitation is clearly needed. Some but not all nuns ignore Church teaching, Church discipline on matters such as habits, and seem to think the "Spirit" of Vatican II means they are entitled to do what they want. Of course, they are entitled to do what they want, but where it diverges from Church teaching and discipline, they cannot call themselves "Catholic" religious or expect the Church to fund their retirement.

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This is my second comment but I only voted once.
To those who think only traddies favor the visitation, I should be interested to hear from them (genuinely) as to why nuns and sisters who reject Catholic teaching even on Christ (I heard of this and looked at some of their comments where I was honestly shocked) should continue to be allowed to call themselves Catholic religious and to be funded by the Church.

I know they have worked with the poor. That is not my question.

I honestly would like a dialogue as to what to do with those religious who no longer regocnise the authoirty of the Church and no longer subscribe to the beliefs as set out in the Cathechism.

Do such readers really believe this is not an issue?

Does simply asking the question "condemn" me as a traddie? I don't think I am. I grwew up only with the OF Mass even though I now attend both EF and OF forms.

Submitted by Barb (not verified) on

Submission is a trait of humility. Too many sisters have dumped humility for "freedom" of a dubious sort. They took vows and then rejected them by redefining them to their own liking.

The modernist sisters who are frantic about this visitation have moved so far "beyond Christ" that they no longer believe that the distance from Him is a bad thing. A profound prayer life is neglected almost completely in favor of an "active" life. They need our prayers and sacrifices.

Fiat Voluntas Tua

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I guess it comes down to whether or not the nuns wish to be Catholic. If so, "fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum" should be their response to the visit.

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This is an open poll. Those of us who are faithful to the Church are still allowed to express our view of the necessity of the visitation, are we not? Or is there some litmus test?

Submitted by Loyally Dissent... (not verified) on

There is now another poster on Father John's blog who has claimed to have voted twice. Check out his blog, then scroll down to the instruction ordering his readers to vote. Click comments, and scroll down to October 6 at 8:21 PM. Sad that those opposed to reform and renewal have to stack a non scientific poll to get their views across!

Wasn't once enough!

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Dissenting :

May I get you some cheese with that whine ?

I'll tell you what is SAD. Sad is a country chock full of disobedient, heretical "sisters" who have the nerve to complain when Rome finally, belatedly attempts to put their collective house in order.

You may have gotten something correct, however. The visitation is not all that necessary at this point, since those orders are dying by the day, and the "biological solution"--i.e., life-expectancy-- is doing its work.

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salas !