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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

So, people who like the Extraordinary From of the Mass are illiterate and uneducated?! I have a Ph.D. and I'm a university professor, so how does that work out?

Submitted by totustuusmaria (not verified) on

I am 23 years old. I was raised in a Church where our Masses were (of necessity) in a gym with guitars. I liked it. When I first started going to the Older Mass in 2003, it was not in rebellion or retaliation to my upbringing. When I started going to it every week and stopped going to the New Mass for most Sundays (though still going to it on Weekdays and occasional Sundays), it was not because I disliked the New Mass.

Why was it? It was because there is LIFE in the Traditional Mass that I have never found in the New Mass. The prayers, the gestures, the language -- all of these invite the soul to real and genuine FAITH, to the Catholic Faith, in such a clear way. I never saw Catholic theology lived so clearly in the New Mass.

Submitted by totustuusmaria (not verified) on

I chose the older form because I found God there and I was transformed and enlivened there. I did not choose it out of bitterness, hatred or things new, nostalgia, etc. etc.

Since then I have studied liturgy extensively out of the passion for the Mass that the "Tridentine" Mass inspired in me.

The author of this article is unpardonably ignorant and unfair. He is extreme, for he has excommunicated 1600 years of Church history, Popes (including the current Pontiff), saints, young and old attached to the older form of the Mass, and Catholics (both charismatic and conservative) who, while preferring the newer form, have a fundamental to the traditions of the Catholic Church.

For shame.

Submitted by Thomas (not verified) on

I am a post Vatican II catholic. The only mass I knew growing up was the one based on the Missal of Paul VI. From my personal experience, there were plenty of chances to zone out, and let my mind wander. The music (invariably folk) did not capture my attention. I was there in obligation, not because it engaged me. The Extraordinary Form of the rite does exactly that. I am fully engaged in reading the variable prayers, and following along in the missal. During the EF mass, I am praying not God, not thinking about breakfast. And oddly enough, there seem to be more seminarians coming from the EF than the incorrectly executed OF mass. To be fully clear, the OF is a legitimate and wonderful expression of the divine love. But I find it more fulfilling in the EF.

Submitted by k3vin (not verified) on

Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia. Et ibi Ecclesia, vita aeterna.

Submitted by Mark Jacobson (not verified) on

I am a convert from the non-Liturgical Baptist church, and yet the more I am exposed to the Traditional Mass, the more I am drawn to its spirituality and timelessness, its quiet reverence and focused precision, its sense of awe, mystery and wonder. Since my conversion, I have felt that the Ordinary Form, especially the way it is celebrated in most parishes to which I have belonged, has definitely left something to be desired. In visiting the Cathedrals of Europe, I have felt a great sense of loss at the unused altars where in ages past the Sacrifice of the Mass used to be offered. I have seen the Lord relegated to a corner tabernacle while the great central Tabernacle was left empty. I am lucky to be in a parish where both forms of the Mass are celebrated in unity, where incense and reverence is present at both forms, where unity is brought about by common focus on God, Sacrifice and Worship. I do prefer the Mass of the Ages, and cannot figure out how anyone could view that form with distrust or animosity. The TLM is Catholic Theology in its purest form, and as the Pope has said, there can be no disontinuity with the past in the Catholic Faith. In places where the continuity with the past has been severed, as in so many parishes where the notion of the Mass as Sacrifice has all but disappeared, THAT is where disunity is fostered and nurtured... NOT in parishes that are reuniting with the past and reintegrating the Mass of the Ages.

Submitted by Mike (not verified) on


Thanks for a beautiful expressed and carefully thought-out posting.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Sorry, but your underlying premise is misplaced. The EF is sanctioned by Rome, and thus, cannot be scandalous. I suggest you go back to the Baltimore Cathecism and start all over on your religious road.

Or, just read Fr. Z's website. He did a fine job in analyzying your article from a truly Catholic perspective. Here is the link:

Submitted by Lou Apa (not verified) on

Dear Brothers/Sisters in Christ,
The central sacramental of The can one say it undermines The Faith???!!!!
Discern your self! not miss this great sacramental!