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Submitted by Brian (not verified) on

This is a silly poll - of course freeing up the Traditional Latin Mass doesn't hurt the unity of the Church. Next we will see polls asking if the Holy Father's latest encyclical damages the faith. The unity of the Church does not come about because of human actions, which one would know by reading about the faith. Our unity comes through the Holy Spirit, Who is the Spirit of the Church and unifies all those who belong to the mystical body of Christ. Likewise, "I profess in *One* Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church."

Submitted by Gordon (not verified) on

I've never been to a Latin Mass, but that is in large part because the Priest of my parish offers a very reverent Mass in the Ordinary Roman Rite. HOWEVER, saying that the Latin Mass hurts unity is absurd. The Latin Mass creates unity with our PAST (which, in God is always the present) of thousands of years. Further, how is it a mass in which the SAME LANGUAGE is used all across the world by all who partipate a dividing factor?

Submitted by Fr Seán Ó Buaidhe (not verified) on

I have, of course, voted 'No'. I can't believe that anyone who has read Church history could vote otherwise. I had hoped that the 'Uniformity Imperialists' in the Church had died out after Good Pope John let some fresh air into the Church in the early 60s. Obviously there are a few reactionary souls left from before that era.

Question to those who voted 'Yes': how do you reconcile the Church's commitment to ecumenism with your 'uniformity approach' to the Sacred Liturgy? Must all who seek unity with the See of Peter be not only One, but the Same as well?

Submitted by Andy F. (not verified) on

is absolutely laughable. I can't believe someone had the wonderful insight to question if a recognized rite in the Church was divisive. I also can't believe they have the insight to call it (what I am assuming is the Extraordinary Form) the Latin Mass. All masses in the Roman Rite are "Latin Masses." Perhaps there should be more catechizing for the contributors of this site.

Submitted by Patrick Finley (not verified) on

The extraordinary form encourages us to go deeper, and not simply be spoon fed our sunday mass. It forces us to have a uniquely latin/roman identity. Not that one cant do that at an OF...but come on...lets be sensible. You people that only go to the OF..and hate the EF..look at the music. Ask yourself if its Christo Centric, or singing in the key of "Me".

Example "Here in this place...Gather us in"
"I myself am the bread of life"
"We are one body"...

Lets not even get into the real problems with the english translation of the mass. Scripture doesnt say "For all" Scripture says "For Many"

And .,... Christ has died, risen, will come again., not a "mystery", thats a fact of faith. To say you dont "understand that" when its fully written in the gospel, is silliness.

Likewise, you EF people who harp on the OF, remember, the people who only know the OF, ARE usually in fact poorly catechized, so they arent going to "get it" right away.

The whole purpose of the Motu, was so that the two forms could compliment each other, and show a richness of faith, and liturgy.

THAT is what true unity is. What will ultimately happen with the forms of mass, not even the Holy Father knows. But know God has a hand in all of it, for a purpose, and one day we will see the purpose and marvel in it

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

The unity of the Catholic Church is not only a matter of space but also of time. In other words, by our Catholic faith, we are not only united to one another but by those who have gone before and those not yet to come. This means that the traditional form of the Mass actually INCREASES that unity. If anything it is the new form of the Mass that HARMS the unity of the Church by severing us from our Catholic forefathers.

Submitted by Pik (not verified) on

The progressive Catholics are birth controlling and aborting themselves out of existence. There is nothing to worry about. These progressives pose no threat, and are a dieing breed. The Mass of Ages will return, and the Church will slowly recover when God is the center of attention, and not the sanctuary organ or hand-bell choir.

Submitted by Dan Fisher (not verified) on

Of course the mass in Latin (ordinary or extraordinary form) is NOT divisive! The mass we are talking about is of the the Latin Rite, one of over 20 rites of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church. There are many liturgical traditions among these rites using many languages, some allowing vernacular and others not. All still proclaim the same faith, celebrate the same sacraments, recognize the same ecclesiastical hierarchy under the authority of the same pope and bishops in communion with him. By freeing up the traditional Latin mass to be celebrated by any priest or congregation, Pope Benedict has brought many Catholics out of the shadows and back into the mainstream.

Come on! Celebrate Diversity!

Submitted by Hnan (not verified) on

How could it undermine unity when every Mass in every country would be EXACTLY the same?? Honestly....some people.

Submitted by Limpet on Tradition! (not verified) on

There are some many modern divisions in our church that try to turn us into Neo-Protestants/neoPagans/Neoatheists all of which are at best 'non-catholics' and at worst 'anti catholics' Now I am sure that there will be some who say I speak 'off topic' and about things I dont know but they would be wrong- I am a former Neo chatechumenate and fully understand possible neo chat mentalities- I was one for nine years- my own choice but having been to the 'traditional rite the mass of the Holy Faith Filled Faithful fore Fathers I was immediately Hooked! the Fisher of Men had caught me hook line and sinker! I fully believe that the new mass should be banned along with all its modernistic fake churches that deny faith in God! - I have been in some recently and found it 'really hard to believe that they who built this place actually believe in the real presence! and the false chatechesis that goes on in the building of the churches.

good people
Ave Maria - to all who know what it means
Ave Maria - to all the gaurdian Angels of those who dont know what it means..- dont worry your Gaurdina Angels know what it means -even if you dont believe in them!