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Submitted by Thomas (not verified) on

In candor, the old form of Mass is too Catholic for some.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I ask the question What is the fear? Why is there seem to be so much fear of the Traditional mass amoung bishops, priest and the "liturgical establishment"? I read somewhere that under SP of PB16 a traditional mass was being started but only on a week day because the priest council of the diocese didnot want it to compete with the Novus ordo mass on Sunday, when I read that a red flag goes up and I ask why is there fear that side by side more people would be drawn to the Traditional Mass as opposed to the Novus Ordo Mass? Why is it they think that the Traditiional mass is undermining the unity of the Catholic Church and not the silliness that has been going on at many Novus Ordo Masses for the past 40 odd years

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

With the increase in world travel/migration it seems that the use of one language that no one understands is, to many, the best way to promote unity. Most Weird.

Submitted by GA Catholic (not verified) on

No... what is "most weird" is the fact that you equate yourself with "everybody", thus thinking that, just because you don't know even a single word in Latin, that "nobody" does.

Submitted by ssoldie (not verified) on

Way to go, It is our Mass, the Roman Universal Mass, valid every where, it is the Mass of all time.

Submitted by David Newberry (not verified) on

The comments in the article about the Mass rites as promulgated by St Pius V were in part deplorable. Pope Benedict is in tune with tradition in stating that what was sacred and holy for previous generations is also sacred and holy for us today. Perhaps if the type of "liturgy" represented by the gymnasium Mass had not been so pervasive in the recent past, and the Pauline reforms had been implemented conservatively, there would not have been so notable a reaction, with sometimes problematic elements. It is extremely urgent that the liturgy recover elements which have been railroaded out by misguided reformers, and the preservation of the ancient rites is an essential part of this process. By comparing older and newer forms we can assess more judiciously the best course. The older form should be especially commended for its commitment to Latin language, chant, and reverence. To attack it wholesale is an example of philistinism or worse.

Submitted by Judie Geaslin Fitch (not verified) on

There is an old saying: "Only the strong survive" and I thank God and my Mother for my strong belief in my faith. So many have left the Catholic Church. Do you remember when we had Mass every hour and the church at each Mass was full? We are very blessed to have such a brilliant and faithful traditional Pope to follow John Paul II "the Great". We all need to pray for him each day and keep abreast of what is happening in our Church.

Submitted by Tom (not verified) on

I really hope Pope Benedict would just come out and
say every Mass will be said in Latin. Vatican ll
never said they were to say the Mass in English so
our illustrous Bishops back in the day took it upon
themselves to say it in English! Never caring if we liked it or not!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Latin is and always has been the universal language of the Roman Catholic church. No matter where on travels, they will always be at home in a Roman Catholic church because of the universal language Latin.

Submitted by THOMAS PATE (not verified) on

The latin mass which survived hundreds of years is the true form of catholic worship that came from the early church. When pope paul in the late sixties and early seventies changed to the new mass things were changed in an extremly fast "ax and fire" manner. Also many priest change things just to change not doing so in a reverant holy way and not consisdering the faithfuls feelings on the matter. So many aspects of our faith were changed and it seems like many parrishes love change just to change. The catholic church has always stood for and represents holding fast to no change in worship that is considered to be holy and from GOD .It is my oppion that all the change in form of worship has caused more bad than good in the CHURCH. Sacred rites and practices were abolised and replaced in a matter of a few years shaking many persons faith. Catholics were always taught that are faith was solid , unchanging ,a gift from GOD.then In the seventies it was nothing but change for years. It is my oppion that my catholics lost a sacredness for even the sacraments. It was almost a protestant movement in the CHURCH.